Saturday, March 10, 2007

we got the house

Here you can see part of the front room and a part of what we will turn into our computer room. This is the front room.
This will be the computer room.
This is from the other angle, this is part of the kitchen.
The front window of the front room.
This is Swift current when we were on our way back.
This is the bigger bedroom, and that is Amber coming out of the closet hehehehe.
The front room again.
And again.
The other room.
This will be our street.

The house, it doesn't look big.
Stan is peeking in.
This is the view from our house point when standing in the middle of the road.
This is the little church in our street.
The tornado took the tower off.

This is the graincilo or what ever the name is.

The view.
When we drove into Neville, our street.

A prairie dog.

The road to Neville.

The house is small, but with some TLC we can turn it into a sweet little place.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

And then he got stuck

When Stan got home the car went sideways.
So I looked up and saw Stan walking towards the house, not looking very happy.
And well...the camera was right there so i took a couple of

Little princesses

The girls are getting big, it seems that time flies.
Its a good thing that we buy their cloths 2 sizes too

the Kids

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

kids will be kids

Every kid likes to play and knowing our kids...well... they find a game into everything.
Sitting on the boosterseat made a perfect pirate ship.

Well, it did sink.

Amber loves art, and she creates art even on her face.

Emma was the teacher... and very bossy.
Sjhe playes her part so well.

The ladies of the house

Amber fell asleep when she was watching tv...It happens alot.
Emma always knows how to smile for a nice picture.

look at the view

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